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DG boiler "energy" Revealed

Energy-saving featur DG boiler "energy" Revealed 
       Li Tu Fu is the earliest electrical control system developed by engineers with many years experience in the industry, now DG as R & D technical backbone. According to its introduction, DG independent research supporting structure with the boiler control system, which is the first case in the country. Li Tu Fu said: "The most crucial part of the boiler is its control, perfect control system is to protect the boiler energy,DG advantage is the high boiler structure and controllers are independent property rights, such as flow sensors and accessories are the core for independent research and development, they can achieve the most perfect combination, in order to achieve energy savings. those in today's casing machine and board replacement in the market is second to none. "
       Li Tu Fu further said: "After the gas combustion produces 3600 joules of heat energy value, but the emperor's own self-developed high gas boiler control functions can be controlled at around 3100 thermal coke as the boiler water temperature is set at 55 degrees. unable to rise within 10 minutes of automatic to the set temperature, the boiler can be automatically shut down, will not restart within 3 minutes of when the system restarts automatically detected to meet the standard (three minutes later) will restart until the temperature reached. when the stove when closed, will remain not less than 40% of the secondary pressure, avoiding most of the secondary pressure boiler 100 percent of energy consumption, thus effectively save energy. "DG Xuxiong Hua, general manager, told reporters that a survey showed that the use of the DG boiler, the lowest monthly heating costs only 200 yuan, while Germany, Italy and other monthly heating boiler brand is to spend seven or eight hundred. 
       100% tested to ensure quality control 
       Technology Quality Management Manager Dong Yu Hung details to reporters about the boiler production control processes. She said: "The DG from the development, research and development phase begins for quality control, we also based on past experience to ensure high quality materials to ensure the quality of each boiler in the production strictly, each machine to make the final. do 100 percent testing, electronic products are 100% inspection for different problems, at the cost of doing tests. prevent product problems to the hands of customers later. try to do 100 percent qualified Almighty. currently we reputation among consumers is also good, mainly procurement of raw materials from the source of the control, each vendor are carefully selected and will be chosen after rigorous testing, DG set of rigorous testing standards, the end of the test will be retested to ensure that every parts are of high quality , each station must go through before the boiler factory testing, after sales to the hands of users as well as the record tracking. 
       Xuxiong Hua, general manager, said: "DG technology from Europe into its own technology to take a long journey, through a number of detours, to today's mature, the control system are all self-developed, now we go get some experience by controlling the independent research and development, to save gas, low noise, low failure rate function. development and implementation of our own property without the support of, Royal high willing to work with colleagues together to cause the boiler to do better for our country to make its own contribution to energy saving. "
      Shanghai DG Gas & Electrical Sales Co., LTD. is the first to examine a production license within the Chinese gas industry through the European gas companies, as one of the largest gas boiler and gas water heater production base, DG with the current industry the most advanced production line product release suspended, given the beat automatically flip tooling plate production line, the German Wagner spraying equipment, is equipped with a European advanced testing equipment and laboratory equipment. Over the years its full self-developed energy-saving boiler control system led the most, with a high market reputation.